A plausible celebration

Image by Artem Sapegin

It’s been a month being on Fallmusings, but that’s not all. It’s not really about the quantification of time, it’s about the magnitude of it’s effect. It’s about the change that’s been both exhilarating and enlightening. It’s about discovering my new favourite thing in the world; you guys.

I know it might sound premature, but the perception of time is relevant, and so is the concept of right moment. It’s hard to describe it, except for maybe a strong hunch, stronger than most days.

If you love someone, you’ve got to speak to them like a winter breeze speaks to you. Not too comfortable, a little intimidating, a little reminiscing. Hear the musings that bounce back. And flow. Slow, yet steady. Stasis is the worst attitude to live by.

So I flow.

And so do you.

All of you who choose to, thank you.

Your words inspire me. Your journey, your strength, your honesty, your confessions, everything is beautiful. Your love for words, and your belief in sharing is strong. It’s not just a tiny ripple in a secluded lake anymore, it’s a vapour in a cloud that quenches the due land. And goes on and on.

This tiny note of love and gratitude goes out to all those who pass by Fallmusings. Thank you for now, it becomes a tiny part of your story, and you of it.





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