Ocean Bloom

Close your eyes

And listen to a universe outside of you

Things that are not breaking down

Look for sustenance

Feel your foreign presence

Know that you’re adrift

Open a channel

Let the two universes harmonise

Anchors that are weighing you down

Let them afloat


Then wait for what returns

Inspired by Ocean Bloom- Hans Zimmer and Radiohead (Blue Planet II)

Paradox – A play of life and death

Is life anything but a series of paradox?

Shades and sunshine.

Light and darkness.

Noise and silence.

Life and death?

Significance of paradox: It is fair to say that one thrives off the other.

Will there be any recognition of shade without sunshine? Or light without darkness, or noise without silence?

Consider a state of perpetual noise, can we still appreciate it as a distinct entity?


So its fair to say that the existence or recognition of one entity rests in its encounter with the antithesis.

Life needs to meet death, in order to incite appreciation for life itself.


Supremacy in paradox: Is it fair to say that darkness and silence are imperial to their antagonists?

For they exist in unison with the universe.

Consider it like this. We often say that darkness is the absence of light, have you ever heard anyone say that light is the absence of darkness? Or sound, the absence of silence?

In other words darkness and silence do not feel foreign. They are the natives of this land, this place we call the universe, while light and noise are exotic, so we feel their distinctive presence.

As darkness and silence are always present, light and sound come and go. They are interim.

This notion will also mean that death is a constant to this universe.

Death is the native while life comes and goes. It means while we’re all so focused on life, the real, and imperial entity is death.

Only we fail to appreciate it. Ironic, isn’t it!

We’re all boasting life, while life only comes to depart.

We’re like a log that is burning at both ends. While we’re engrossed in living the moment, we don’t realise that each moment is turning us into ash bit by bit.

PC: Anthony lee finearts

Twenties crisis

PC: BossFight, City Night

Life feels like a race. Stepping outside university premises is like heading to a race I didn’t prepare myself for. Everyone’s running, not sure if everyone knows what they’re running for.

But they’re, anyway.

Running is the norm here. Nobody thinks before punching in, they just do. Because if they do think then how come everyone wants the same thing? How come everyone is running in the same race?

So anyway this is important. The idea of rejecting this norm appears downright outrageous and somewhat frightening.

So now the problem is I dont know what to run for.

Sure I want things in life, but I dont want to forget everything else in doing so. I dont want to turn a blind eye to the moment, in pursuit of future. Inshort Im not ready for the momentum. The system intimidates me.

Is the pause worth the time?

I don’t know.

But I do know that I want to slow down, just for a little while.

I want to lay in bed and watch out of a window.

I want to read and write, and observe the change in season.

I want to enjoy a good movie with family, and have fun with friends.

But I also have this fear looming over my head, the fear of being left out in the race of life.

Of looking at myself, ten years from now and being disappointed in my choices.

I don’t think the fear is ever going away. But I’m going to take the risk anyway.

I hope if I read this ten years from now, I’ve achieved atleast something in life. I hope I’m somebody I look up to, and that I still appreciate life, and I’m glad that I took this time out to observe and absorb the moment before everything changes for good.

Before this day ends

This post is dedicated to a dear friend who’s been both my biggest critic and an inspiration in life.


Another year down, eh?

How does it usually work for you?

Do you count your years ahead or the ones gone by?

Do you contemplate on the worth of your life, and the ones you bring significance to? Do you ever keep a record of the lives you touch, the healing you provide?

Do you count all those days when you’re there for others before yourself?

Do you care how carelessly you inspire, without trying to be something to someone, without wanting to gain anything in return, by just being you.

Do you know you’re are a healer? You are selfless and raw.

You have the capacity of an ocean, and the humility of mother earth.

Do you know your life matters, not just to you, but to the people you inspire. I, being one of them.

Happy Birthday! 🎉

The bird in cage

Does it happen with you that at certain points in life your mind starts playing games with you?

After you’ve fallen, after you’ve tasted the ash.

It consoles you by altering the perception of reality.

The course has never been worth the fight. The fight has never been worth the preoccupation.

And it changes the course in the blink of an eye. Because it knows you too well. It controls you. It manipulates you. You’re a hurt slave and the master knows just how to appease you. Not too much so you may break out of its slavery, but just enough to keep you going. Just enough to keep you addicted and humbled before it.

And you cannot break free. Because you need it. Because you’re the bird that won’t fly out of the cage. Because you’re the bird that has convinced itself that the life in cage is what you need.

Painting by L Wright

How will you break free now?

How will you keep yourself from quitting?

Sky or no sky?

Are you ready to spread your wings, or are you just going to dream about it?

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? To go to the sea despite the fear of storm?

Are you ready to face your fears, insecurities and doubts?

Will you dare open the closed door, or are you going to take the open door?

Because if you’re not, then step back. Stop dreaming of the sky.

Plant your roots and settle down and watch your family grow.

Because the sky is for dreamers. And dreaming demands mettle.

Make your call now.


If none of us could talk and yet we spoke, what language would you choose?


What does it do?


Like dark clouds catching a raving sun off guard;

Like a cold breeze across tall trees;

Like a spring in wilderness;


It gently stirs one’s puddles of monotony and fires cheeriness, without expectation, without making its presence felt.

Without words, it reaches across boundaries, and seeps to the core.

Goes out to David Snape.

Thank you for choosing to be kind. (Also thank you for following my blog.)


I hope you continue to stir ripples as you go along in life.

Why invest in faith?

Is human life easier to live in the absence of faith, in the absence of fear of a Divine judgment, the resurrection? Yes, it surely is.

To live in the moment. To face the storms and aftermath as they pass through life with no fear of reverberation.

Then why, to think of it, has faith survived in one’s life?

There comes certain times when the world appears to halt. When the sounds of life no longer stir your hearing, and your life appears to be suspended in a timeless dimension.

It becomes harder to figure out the significance of the moment just by looking at it.

Its like you hear silence and watch space, and want your mind to draw worth out of nothingness. How?

So you need a bigger picture. An epilogue to understand the point of grief.

Is life fair?


Can you figure out algorithms to get through life?

On most days you can, but days like these, simple substantial derivations are not enough to propel you forward.

You need a belief in the Divine. A belief that this is not the ultimate end. That this day is but an insignificant hitch in an otherwise magnificent story. And that the logical thing to do is walk forwards, despite the urge of remaining suspended. Because the story ends with the Creator, not the character.

This is why faith survives.

This is why you need to cultivate faith on good days so you can harvest the produce in hostile ones.

So you have a cradle to lay low.

So on this day, you lie down under the shade of your belief and listen to the breeze.


Guidance will come.



Picture Credits: MotionAge Design


Are you a survivor?

What do we have in common? We both know that this time again, your heart will not stop.

Yes you will sink a little deeper than the last time, and the splatter will be seen till a little farther than your last time, but you will ultimately rebound.

We will endure.

You will endure.

Is it always like this? Your biggest strength is your greatest trial, I don’t know. But the statistics of your and my life suggest so.

It is either our mind, or heart. What puts us in a dilemma all the time. I’m not quite sure which one it is because ultimately both survive.

Yes that shattered, bandaged heart of yours is a survivor. It has not lost, it has collected itself, always. Which is why it has happened again. Which is why life found another way to shatter it. Think about it. Why would life waste its energy on a lost target?

Measure your strength by the magnitude of your trial.

Maybe there is no reward. Maybe thats all there is to it. This is how we will end.

It was all still worth it.