Ode to One black tree

This post is a reverberation to an amazing blog I came across recently. It inspired me to contribute my share to her story. You can check out the original blog here: Someday this pain will be useful to you.

Dear One Black Tree,

I couldn’t help but reach out to you, for reasons that I see a reflection of my days in your words. So I feel we could sit down and talk about it over a cup of evening coffee.

Let’s talk about life and the transition of time, over a setting sun and birds returning home after the day’s job. Well the job is not yet done for you and me, so we will see another day away from our homes, still doing the job we entrusted ourselves with.

To be honest with you, I can’t really see the end of it. I don’t know by the time we slow down and settle in our lives, what have we achieved and if we have been successful in bringing meaning to our lives, but I do know one thing; I know that both, you and I will be proud of our journey. And that is an important thing to feel.

To lead a meaningful life is not just to achieve something substantial, I mean yes that counts, but if you have led a life, that you can lay open before your newer generation, and if they can find an inspiration in it to take their life heads on, and the cycle continues, I think you’ve done a fairly decent job at living. So keep going.

You said, ‘Again and again, you had to remind yourself that you’ve chosen these challenges, and you’re meant to experience them.’

You know when I finally broke free from my trials, and just as I thought I could finally see the direction I was headed to, I tripped. Only to look up and find the path disappear before my eyes.

It was hard. To this moment, all my efforts and the pain I had endured were for this one thing, that was no longer there. I was stranded in the middle of nowhere all over again. So I sat down, and let go of regrets and expectations, of past and future, and started to contemplate on the moment, the present.

It taught me two things: One I should always be ready and prepared for a change of plans. Sometimes all your efforts lead you to one point, and from that point onwards, your direction changes for good. Do not think that all your efforts have gone to waste. If you hadn’t reached this point, you would not have been steering in this direction that you’re now. Believe in a Higher force at play. The new experience might not be as inconvenient as an anticipation of it. And two that there is no such thing as an eternal peace, or eternal calm. And that you already know. As you had said, change is constant. Our pauses of peace, are invaded by phases of uproar, this is what life is like.

The only comfort in this rollercoaster ride, as you said, is it is one of our choosing. It just makes the experience of pain worth having, and the moment not as bleak as it would have been had it been someone else’s chosen journey. As a dear friend of mine says, each time you’re faced with a calamity, remind yourself that things could have been a lot worse. Once you have successfully convinced yourself of this, every obstacle loses its meaning.

Finally there is a realisation that I hold very dear to my heart, and one I want to share with you: The significance of meaningful people in your life.

While it is brave to fight your battles alone, it is sheer ignorance to fight them in solitude.

I believe in the power of sharing. And yes there is healing in meditation, and diving in a good book, but none of these parallel to a heartful conversation with a loved one.

While meditation is the food for soul, and reading for mind, human interaction is the food for heart. And you need to fuel your heart, to fight your battles. I’m not talking about expecting them to fight them for you, I’m asking you to pour your heart out to them for the sake of pouring. It will not only add to your perspectives but also provide you an opportunity to laugh. And you must let yourself feel joy, even in the hardest of circumstances. Never deprive yourself of this privilege. Remind yourself, as Robert Frost had said, ‘If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane’.

Our hearts need it. And we need our hearts.

I hope that this little note serves the purpose of bringing joy to your heart. And I hope that once you’ve finished reading it, you will call up a loved one, and let him or her know that you’re doing fine and you will be fine in future as well, but you needed to hear their voice. And let their spirit inspire you.

But don’t forget, you are your greatest inspiration.

Much love,

Fall Musings