Things you must do in your twenties

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Life hacks: Making your years count.

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Twenties is the time when we actually start facing the real world. The moment we enter the adulthood, we start thinking about our life after college, our dream job, dream city and the perfect partner.

Twenties is the time when we have to make it happen.

I searched quora to know about the opinions of a lot of people on what are the things we must do in our twenties. I’m sharing the ten things that I found to be most useful.

1) Start a side project

We have plenty of time and a lot less responsibilities. This makes twenties the best time to start a side project. It can be something with very little effort. Such as starting a useful intagram page. Any plan that you always had in your mind. This is the time to act upon it.

2) Invest in learning something new

When you’ll go in…

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