Notes to self I- the people

If that’s your choice, I hope you’re strong enough to take life as a one man army.

I hope you excel, and never have to look back.

But if at some point you do look back; if life places a barrier infront of you that you cannot immediately overcome, or simply it knocks you down on your knees, and you have to slow down and you decide to turn around; I really hope you’re not staring into solitude and foot dust: a blank road with no signs of life.

I hope when you had the chance, you didn’t turn a blind eye to your loved ones, until they ran out of patience for keeping up.

I hope you didn’t delude yourself into mistaking rising for growing, and lack of criticism for excellence.

Incase you’re wondering how life suddenly is so heavy on your soul, your invisible shelter is blown. A father’s harsh advice, a mother’s affection, a sibling’s bittersweet love, a lover’s expectation, a friend’s endless storytelling; they kept you alive, they were the remedies to your everyday distress. The subtle, yet powerful influences on your mood, your heart and your soul. You let go of some of the best things in your life, unnoticed.

Trust me when I say, do not deny a helping hand during your journey, even if you think you don’t need them, you do! Do not turn away from people who genuinely care about you. The farther you walk into life, harder it gets to find the kind.

It is okay to accept help every once in a while. It is okay to lay back on some days, and listen to the lifestory of your folks, laugh with them, and witness life finally taking it easy on you.