Image by Patryk Sobczak

Thud thud 

I could hear my tread

I woke up amidst the crowd of sleeping selves 

The night had a hussle but my mind was quiet

I was strolling in the middle of a queer sight 

There was white smoke escaping the lips 

That burnt a cigarette of their own flesh 

And children playful and vulnerable 

Hopping and splashing dirt unto the earth dweller

Eyes making merry, seeking out daylight 

Blindly in the moonlight 

I saw blazing flames rising to the sky

I stepped closer and watched the logs vanishing 

The next morning I returned to see what remains

There was but ashes; of logs and souls

Paradox – A play of life and death

Is life anything but a series of paradox?

Shades and sunshine.

Light and darkness.

Noise and silence.

Life and death?

Significance of paradox: It is fair to say that one thrives off the other.

Will there be any recognition of shade without sunshine? Or light without darkness, or noise without silence?

Consider a state of perpetual noise, can we still appreciate it as a distinct entity?


So its fair to say that the existence or recognition of one entity rests in its encounter with the antithesis.

Life needs to meet death, in order to incite appreciation for life itself.


Supremacy in paradox: Is it fair to say that darkness and silence are imperial to their antagonists?

For they exist in unison with the universe.

Consider it like this. We often say that darkness is the absence of light, have you ever heard anyone say that light is the absence of darkness? Or sound, the absence of silence?

In other words darkness and silence do not feel foreign. They are the natives of this land, this place we call the universe, while light and noise are exotic, so we feel their distinctive presence.

As darkness and silence are always present, light and sound come and go. They are interim.

This notion will also mean that death is a constant to this universe.

Death is the native while life comes and goes. It means while we’re all so focused on life, the real, and imperial entity is death.

Only we fail to appreciate it. Ironic, isn’t it!

We’re all boasting life, while life only comes to depart.

We’re like a log that is burning at both ends. While we’re engrossed in living the moment, we don’t realise that each moment is turning us into ash bit by bit.

PC: Anthony lee finearts