Letters to my daughter#1 – Love

I have never known love like the comfort of holding you

I have never known pleasure like the joy of kissing you

I have never known strength like the will to fight for you

I have never known fear like the thought of losing you

You redefine me and everything I have ever believed

I will never know a life again without your life blooming in it

The art of disguise

Yes ma, he yelled at your little one again

Oh what would you do?

Yes ma, he belittled your princess again

Oh but what would you do?

I see your eyes searching for truth

Trying hard to see if your little one cried last night

As if knowing the truth would make a difference

Everyone is so happy today, what a perfect family

Lets all close our eyes and pretend to not see its ugliness

Cuz we all want everyone to be happy together

The cost of which should not be voiced

So I have learnt it ma though you didnt teach me

You will never be able to tell my smile apart, it’s an art of disguise

Image by Fakurian Arts

Nights with you

The best part of my day is when you lie down beside me. You close your eyes, and drift off to sleep. I look at you, and you’re so tender, and pure. All my upheaval is put to rest, the noises fade away. I look at you and living is the best thing to do.

My dear daughter, you’ve my heart and soul. I love you.



When I read today’s daily prompt, the first thing that came to my mind was my Mother. For me, the epitome of elegance and grace is this one amazing lady. 

This person of incredible generosity. The woman who knows how to forgive, how to remain steadfast in adversity and still wear that gorgeous smile of hers. God didn’t allow this world to blemish your light. I hope He treats me with same kindness. We may have our differences, we may have a different threshold and response to fear, but if I can learn to be as patient with people as you’re, I’d consider myself a happy seasoned person. 

I’ve never said this to you. But Im proud to look upto you. You’re the warmth to my world.

Word prompt: Elegance 


I often hear people express that their favourite age is childhood. And that is because the love and kindness in a child are unparalleled. While it’s true that a child effortlessly lights up a tarnished soul, kindness and love in a child are not his choices, they are the only expressions a child knows. They, as a matter of fact are a reflection of what they see in the eyes of their mother and feel in the hugs of their father. 

Image by Sebastian Leon Prado

So perhaps when we look upto the love of a child, we should really look up to who we become as parents. When we see a glowing child, we should walk up to their mother and tell her that we aspire to be as loving as she is!

And this is exactly why adulthood is my favourite age. It is the age in which you can choose to be whoever you want to be. An age where you’re empowered, and love and compassion are not Hobson’s choices. 

I love the eyes of an adult man and woman, those that have witnessed the colours of heartbreaks, deceit, and loss, and yet they choose to reflect those of compassion and mercy. A choice that is neither influenced by naivety nor the freckles on their skin. One that is governed solely by character and strength of their will. That to me, is surreal.

Word prompt: Age