Image by Ignacio Campo

The pinnacle of her life is considered when she’s studded with jewels presented before the world like an object to take pride in. 

It is both humbling and agonising that each person in her life wants to boast to the world how he owns the best jewel in the world. Owns her like she is a creation of his own. Like all the hard work he puts in building her up needs to be repaid in the form of appreciation of the people of the world. 

All she ever wants is not to idolize her existence. Her body, her soul, her art are not jewels for society, her ambitions, her choices, her priorities entertain herself before others, she is nobody’s possession. She belongs to the One to whom all animals, all men, all insects, the entire matter belong. 

She was sent to guardians, not gods. Alas! The gardener getting too obsessed with his plants fails to see it through: the plants are owned by none other than the One who owns the gardener himself.