Image by Danilo Batista

When I had nothing left to lose,

Then I walked the Earth bare feet 

When I had no spectacle to behold,

Then I witnessed the sky with naked eyes

When I had no complaints to make,

Then I embraced the mercy of God

I had to be a bankrupt,

To be eternally enriched.

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Gratitude

Open to gratitude and gladness. Explore what these experiences are like, and keep them going. Gently help them become as rich and intense as possible, filling your whole body. Open to related feelings such as joy, ease, or fulfillment. Embody gratitude and gladness by smiling, bouncing up and down in delight, softening your face, or reaching your arms out to the world.

via Daily Dose of Inspiration – Gratitude


If none of us could talk and yet we spoke, what language would you choose?


What does it do?


Like dark clouds catching a raving sun off guard;

Like a cold breeze across tall trees;

Like a spring in wilderness;


It gently stirs one’s puddles of monotony and fires cheeriness, without expectation, without making its presence felt.

Without words, it reaches across boundaries, and seeps to the core.

Goes out to David Snape.

Thank you for choosing to be kind. (Also thank you for following my blog.)


I hope you continue to stir ripples as you go along in life.