Never again #writephoto

They bid farewell to one another, sidehugs and kissess. A hot summer day. An overwhelming afternoon

Until again. They all promised. And parted.

They were both in love, or so they thought. He, always a little more than her. She, always falling short. They both stood, ready to part. 

What is it about life that can’t let you stay? Can’t let you squeeze and hold tight, while the whole world goes about its business. It doesn’t really matter if you don’t want to play, life’s intervention will budge in like an unplanned middle child. Exhilarating and appalling, and one that has to stay. Are we really living a life, or are we an experimental group for someone observing the act of life?

He held her close. She closed her eyes, and took a deep long breath. Somehow she wanted this moment to be stretched however long was permitted. He kissed her on forehead, Until again, he whispered. And deep down she knew, it was a promise they won’t be able to keep.


Tales from Sue Vincent’s Thursday #writephoto challenge. 

A wasted path

Image by Casey Horner

I wish we could be just souls 

Be, without being.

I wish we could love without form

Feel, without being called out.

What is courage, but to go on 

Losing, despite knowing

We’re not lost, but the wasted path leads nowhere.

Daily Prompt: Courage

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Facts or Fiction 

Disclaimer: So this is kinda the third time I’m writing about myself, and I don’t want to sound a narcissist. Also this is awkward. 

  • I wish to keep evolving.
  • Stagnancy is one of my biggest fears.
  • I dig rifles, men with passion, and fast rides.
  • I’m a gamophobic. (And I’m still figuring my way around it.)
  • I can take an honest opinion anyday. 
  • I need my bff to keep my thoughts sane, and rationalize everyday happenings.
  • I believe in destiny, and a Higher play.

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Birthday vows


I know you have been fighting for quite some time and I know you’ve seen some major highs and lows in recent times, but it’s time.

Time to bid farewell to the resonations of past.

Time to write the last few lines of this chapter. And put a full stop. 

Turn the leaf over.

It’s time to start the new chapter. 🍁

Happy Birthday to the girl who’s my inspiration behind so many writings. Happy birthday to this magnificent and wise person I’ve practically grown up with. We’ve seen some shit together and I know there’s more to come, but we’ll endure. Together. Stronger.

Love, from me and my friends at WordPress.

Image by Dawid Zawila

An open letter to a friend

Do you remember the old parable? What beats agility is perseverance.

The hare and the tortoise by Sunil Moharana

How to begin now?

You love your silence. And I don’t have anything against it, but I just don’t want to see you engulfed by it, you know?

Life is like a series of cause and effect on loop. Until or unless it tests us with our most guarded fear, the resilience never really builds up. And despite your most cherished claim, there’s always something you fear losing, and life has a way of proving it to you.

So let me give you a little reminder of what you might be missing presently.

The bigger picture, my friend. I can’t emphasise enough. If you want to achieve big, always try to find the bigger picture. Because when you see it, you will understand that there might be temporary setbacks here and there but the only real failure is giving up.

So never give up.

While it is inspiring to be passionate about achieving something, it is not okay to become obsessed with the path leading to it. Here’s the difference:

If you become obsessed with the path, you will be scared of change. You will repel the alternatives without due consideration. Scared of taking chances, for the fear that it might lead you to a dead end. You might miss out on some of the best things in life.

Whereas if you’re open to change, you will always look for something better. You will keep searching for better options, you will learn to adapt to the ever changing tone of life. And gain strength to overcome the obstacles in the course of living.

You will also not tire yourself at the sight of obstacles. When you’ve decided to be in the race, keep your eye on the prize. So that whenever a hurdle feels overwhelming, you can remind yourself why you started running in the first place. Inspire yourself, the way you inspire others.

Finally, remember your assets: courage, perseverance, and compassion. Remember that life will always test your claims, and no man will have it easy.

You just got to be yourself in the challenge. Project. Think of how a 10 year older self would have wanted you to react in this situation. And be this person who will inspire your 10 year later self. The rest will fall into place itself.


Image by Zoltan Tasi. Picture source: Unsplash