5-year Window

Image by Mervyn Chan

A few days back I talked about fear. How fear is a predator that feeds on self-doubts. The more you analyse a situation, the more you compare, (the two being sort of inevitable) the more doubts you create and consequently fear multiplies, causing you more distress.

I’ve recently found myself devising an alternative pathway of thinking that escapes this perilous cycle. 

How about envisioning your life in a 5-year window? 

How much do you want to attain at the end of 5 years? Think, analyse, compare in this window instead of a narrower period of one year. If things are not working out for you right now, imagine the impact of delay not on your immediate routine but at the collective end of a 5-year experience. 

What it does for you, is it takes away the anxiety of momentary delay. It takes away the fear of lagging behind and not attaining things at the end of a year.

It also opens your mind to try out new things. Even if you fail, you have time to make up for that lost in trying a new thing. Consequently, you gain experience without losing anything. 

We all instinctively desire a gingerly ride when it comes to career. Even though, like anything else, a part of it is not in our control. So combat fear and appease your mind. What is due will come your way. 

Daily Prompt: Gingerly