I dedicate this post on my birthday to my friends and family, those of them who choose to stick around and help me be myself!

My bff and I have this dream to sit under a sky one night and gaze at the stars and talk for endless hours

My bff has been managing to come over to my house for a birthday surprise for past 7 years despite her exhausting job routine.

Every year my parents and sibling sneak out of the house to come back with flowers and gifts.

My fuel

These little thoughts behind big gestures define me and my definition of love. 

My bff and I made ourselves cosy in bed, kept food all around us and watched a movie. It was one of my favourite birthdays ever. The movie ended up with the thoughts: To be in love is to be yourself. I love you because when I’m with you, I’m more myself than I’m with anybody else.

When we grow up in such love, we become enthusiasts to reflect the same love from the people of the world. We dedicate a major chunk of our lives to this quest. The journey of growing up for me has partly been returning to my roots. I’ve settled down with my anchors, my folks who let me be me and hold me to myself. 

I’ll always love you. I don’t think I can be more me with anybody but when I’m with you guys.

Thank you.

We’re teaching my niece to call me phoo, which is a short form of phuppo meaning aunt.

Birthday vows


I know you have been fighting for quite some time and I know you’ve seen some major highs and lows in recent times, but it’s time.

Time to bid farewell to the resonations of past.

Time to write the last few lines of this chapter. And put a full stop. 

Turn the leaf over.

It’s time to start the new chapter. 🍁

Happy Birthday to the girl who’s my inspiration behind so many writings. Happy birthday to this magnificent and wise person I’ve practically grown up with. We’ve seen some shit together and I know there’s more to come, but we’ll endure. Together. Stronger.

Love, from me and my friends at WordPress.

Image by Dawid Zawila

Before this day ends

This post is dedicated to a dear friend who’s been both my biggest critic and an inspiration in life.


Another year down, eh?

How does it usually work for you?

Do you count your years ahead or the ones gone by?

Do you contemplate on the worth of your life, and the ones you bring significance to? Do you ever keep a record of the lives you touch, the healing you provide?

Do you count all those days when you’re there for others before yourself?

Do you care how carelessly you inspire, without trying to be something to someone, without wanting to gain anything in return, by just being you.

Do you know you’re are a healer? You are selfless and raw.

You have the capacity of an ocean, and the humility of mother earth.

Do you know your life matters, not just to you, but to the people you inspire. I, being one of them.

Happy Birthday! 🎉