Rant – to what end?

He is a classic lunatic. A toxic person that you should stay as far away as possible. The kind that enrages every happy occasion. The kind that ruins every plan. A classic selfish narcissist that deserves no one to love or care for him.

People are hypocrites. Everyone lies. At some point we’ve all been there. We all know atleast one nutcase in our lives who doesn’t deserve a family. And yet we lie and lure someone in to care for him. Someone else to take up our responsibility so we can move on, or move away from all the toxicity. But to what result?

An aggressive parent brings up aggressive children. An insecure person breeds lots of insecurities in children. And the cycle continues. More nutcases to ruin more families. To what end, I ask. To what end?

Image by Raph Howald


Why is forgiveness important to us?

Forgiveness is not about forgetting what someone did to you. Forgiveness doesn’t provide the oppressor a relief from their guilt, as our mind tells us. 

It, on the contrary, releases us from emotional dependence on the actions of our oppressor. 

Forgiveness is about gaining emotional control on the situation. It is important for regaining self confidence, and stability of our ego. 

Forgiveness is an act of liberation. When we forgive someone irrespective of their stance, our mind perceives it as the ability to move on from a situation as tantalising as this. In return, it assures us a whip hand position where we’re superior to the condolences of our oppressor. Together, this conscious self and our mind* liberate one another from this fear of aftermath of being vulnerable in a similar situation again. People might oppress us, and that will hurt but they won’t leave us in ruins. They can’t hold us back in life, both emotionally and physically. 

The biggest obstacle in this path is aggression. It is an enemy to liberation. 
Aggression chains us, and forgiveness is it’s key. 

*an interplay of conscious and subconscious mind