I often hear people express that their favourite age is childhood. And that is because the love and kindness in a child are unparalleled. While it’s true that a child effortlessly lights up a tarnished soul, kindness and love in a child are not his choices, they are the only expressions a child knows. They, as a matter of fact are a reflection of what they see in the eyes of their mother and feel in the hugs of their father. 

Image by Sebastian Leon Prado

So perhaps when we look upto the love of a child, we should really look up to who we become as parents. When we see a glowing child, we should walk up to their mother and tell her that we aspire to be as loving as she is!

And this is exactly why adulthood is my favourite age. It is the age in which you can choose to be whoever you want to be. An age where you’re empowered, and love and compassion are not Hobson’s choices. 

I love the eyes of an adult man and woman, those that have witnessed the colours of heartbreaks, deceit, and loss, and yet they choose to reflect those of compassion and mercy. A choice that is neither influenced by naivety nor the freckles on their skin. One that is governed solely by character and strength of their will. That to me, is surreal.

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