The Versatile Blogger Award

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Facts or Fiction 

Disclaimer: So this is kinda the third time I’m writing about myself, and I don’t want to sound a narcissist. Also this is awkward. 

  • I wish to keep evolving.
  • Stagnancy is one of my biggest fears.
  • I dig rifles, men with passion, and fast rides.
  • I’m a gamophobic. (And I’m still figuring my way around it.)
  • I can take an honest opinion anyday. 
  • I need my bff to keep my thoughts sane, and rationalize everyday happenings.
  • I believe in destiny, and a Higher play.

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Two Seas #writephoto

This was her sanctuary. She used to go there everytime something stirred her heart. She would sit there for hours and silently gaze at the calm sea. 

Some days she took me with her. The days she wanted to talk. Or hear her own voice. Everytime we sat together, she would look at the endless sea and say:

Do you see how calm the sea is today? Someday I will be like her. Someday but not today, because the winds are circling up and I must prepare for the storm that is imminent.

The sea is magnanimous. When the storm hits her, it is not herself that she has to protect, it is the countless life forms that depend on her. Is it the sea in these life forms or are these life forms in sea? We don’t know. But everytime she faces a storm, she has a choice to make, she could either sustain them or crush them. And she chooses to sustain.”

Once she has reassured herself of the right choice, she would lay with eyes closed and hear the waves collide subtly with the rocks. 

There was a strange tranquility in watching her lay beside the sea. It was intoxicating. I felt like I was gazing at two seas opening up to each other forming an ocean that was so compelling, it would sink any heart that wandered too close.

This post is for Sue Vincent’s #writephoto challenge. This week’s theme being bleak.

I am not Depressed.

Depression is real. Compassion is also real. And a depressed person may cling desperately to it until they are out of the woods and they may remember your compassion for the rest of their lives as a force greater than their depression.

People tend to think when you say you are depressed, you are just being a sad privileged prick, sometimes I wish that were true, it kind of has a quick solution that way, just find a source of joy and be less of a prick, right?

Sadly, depression is not sadness, it is a lack of vitality and intense apathy towards almost everything, if you are lucky, if not, towards everything and I mean everything.

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Daily Dose of Inspiration – Gratitude

Open to gratitude and gladness. Explore what these experiences are like, and keep them going. Gently help them become as rich and intense as possible, filling your whole body. Open to related feelings such as joy, ease, or fulfillment. Embody gratitude and gladness by smiling, bouncing up and down in delight, softening your face, or reaching your arms out to the world.

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One Lovely Blog Award

Riya, from High Noon Journal was kind enough to nominate me for this fun award. She is a sweetheart in her 20s living life to the fullest and recording her journey as she goes along. She is a sunshine. Read her blog here, High Noon Journal.

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7 Random Facts about me

Although I’ve already stated some in the previous post, lemme see if I can bring diversity to it.

  1. I thrive on extremes, which is exhausting at times. So I’m trying to practice moderation.
  2. I live by all or none.
  3. I love having meaningful discussions with other people.
  4. I have a massive respect for people who stand their ground and fight their battles.
  5. I believe truth is liberating.
  6. I’m a quitter and I move on quick. So I like surrounding myself with people who are more persevering than me.
  7. I’m a terrible dancer.

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