One great sin #writephoto

Careful now. The portal is alluring. Its golden brick walls and a blinding light coming from the opposite end first captivates you. When you are inconveniently close, it seizes your rational thinking, your skin freezes amidst the gushes of fresh air coming from the portal while your eyes are cooled by the warm light, you no longer know which side of the portal is a dream and which is real, all you know is you want to enter it. You want to stop thinking and glide towards it, like a moth circling in a trance, gradually drifting into luring flames. What will you do? Do you think you will be able to hold yourself back?

When your life and that of every other being in this world is a consequence of Adam and Eve entering into the portal, do you think you stand a chance?

Now you stand at this end, while your greatest fascination, your validation to the life on this earth stands at the other. It is looking at you, something as magnificent as the earth in all its glory hiding behind it, the ugly bloodshed in all its brutality. But you can’t see that, can you? Not right now. Right now your heart is pounding fast, perks of adrenaline rush. While you stand barely feeling the ground underneath, waiting to make a move. In the next split second, everything will stop. The world will be suspended and you will have to choose. 

So again I ask, what will you do?

This magnificent photo is taken by Sue Vincent for her thursday #writephoto challenge. Check it out here. The theme being Portal.