Soul sister

Image by Joshua Newton

How often do you come across people who are like a complete reflection of you but in a different phase of life?

You feel like there are parallel lives going side by side through and into this cosmos.

It is one of the most wonderful things about the process of living. To find a soul sister. For her to just be in this universe, at the same time as you is a source of utter and complete solace. 

And you know everytime your spark is about to go out, they come back and bring with themselves fresh air to give it the necessary flare. They keep your heart beating and your fire burning and they pledged to it without you even knowing it. It’s like you’re ordained to each other. 

Her chaotic pilgrims

Image by Alessio Lin

There she was, standing again at the edge of the cliff. The only way forwards is through a hair-like thin substance of a rope serving as the bridge.

She would still have flashbacks of old days. Apparently her scars were not as filled as she thought they‘d be. She was still very vulnerable. Still very scared.

And still the only way for her was way forwards.

So she stood there, quietly absorbing all this energy. Staring into mist, trying to visualise the other end of the edge. It was not the finality, she was dubious about, it was the course she had to take to reach that. It was a blind leap of faith. Yet again. Suddenly all her scars were lit, accompanying her on the journey like an unwanted caravan of chaotic pilgrims. 

Word Prompt: Dubious