Image by Natasha Vasiljeva

The real strength lies in the faintest of moments.

I like the moments I’m reminded of my helplessness; they bring me closer to the concept of a Divine one. They take a load off my shoulders where I stop being a control freak and for once be receptive towards life.

Life, is not the real enemy. It’s your stubbornness. 

Silence is the loudest reply. Forgiveness is the best revenge. Acceptance defeats change.

Word prompt: Faint

7 thoughts on “Faint

    1. Exactly. It is tricky. I feel like we need to learn the mannerism to play this game of life. But we remain so caught up reacting to each and every moment that we fail to see the bigger picture through.
      We wrongly place our bets and we keep losing.


      1. It takes experiences to tone down. We have numbed to plenty of situations now. My sis was saying the other day “i feel our heart has died, we have stopped feeling”. That is extreme opposite of being mercurial. I guess swinging between the to is what we humans to.
        A perfect balances seems impossible.

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      2. I agree. I’ve been there, I know what you mean.
        We need experience and guide, cuz without guidance, we keep going in circles. The day I learnt to accept my limitations and accept that I need help, my life changed forever.

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