Life after depression 

Image by Pablo Orcaray

When I was a teen, I used to fancy a revival. Sinking like the sun sinks in the horizon, disappearing in the ocean and then rising again the next morning like a brand new thing. Little did I know the aspects you’ve to give up in order to live this fantasy. Atleast I got my wish granted. For depression is just that.

Once your mind familiarises itself to the ghettos of depression, you’re never the same person again. I haven’t found a way to completely block the alleys leading to the ghettos, I don’t think you can do that. But I have learnt something:

Life after depression consists of two types of days: good days when you’re conscious of your blessings and bad days when you can’t help but crawl back to the silhouettes or lifelessness. Its a flux. But the silver lining is the shorter refractory period or bad days. You bounce back quickly and effectively. 

What then is the meaning of recovery from depression? In order to explain this, I’m going to quote a dear friend, a fellow blogger Kimberlyf here, who’s used to this transition of good and bad days in her own capacity. She aptly describes: 

Mental health recovery is not about a cure or never having to face it again. Recovery is about better quality of life. Learning to live with the inevitable instead of fighting against it.

While the struggle is constant, what is important is you keep strengthening your mind and willpower on good days. You learn and discover the principles by which you want to spend your life. You find reasons to go on, and people and places that help you return to surface everytime you’re hitting the rock bottom. 

And you will do just fine.

Image by Alexandra Gorn

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