Holding on

Painting: Through River Trees, Tom Nachreiner

Do you describe yourself as a river, or the trees that stand at its bank?

For the river, the struggle is holding on. For a tree, the struggle is letting go.

Most of the people say, they wish to learn the art of letting people go. Well maybe you don’t, because when you get too familiar with the art, you can virtually never tell when to stay.

And I don’t know what is worse, holding on to the idea of a thing long after it’s gone or letting go of it when it’s still there. But the hard part is not being able to tell them apart.

8 thoughts on “Holding on

    1. It’s like there is a phenomenon of Two-Point discrimination in human body. Place the two points significantly close, and the brain cannot tell them apart.

      I think it’s a bit of that, in life.


    1. Thank you so much! 💞
      I was going through yours and it struck me that you and I are more or less in the same phase of life. I completed my medical school last year and Im in my twenties now, struggling with the decisions that will influence the rest of my years. Its a bit overwhelming tbh.
      But it’s so good to have you on board. 💞
      I’m looking forward to reading your blog. 😊


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