Twenties crisis

PC: BossFight, City Night

Life feels like a race. Stepping outside university premises is like heading to a race I didn’t prepare myself for. Everyone’s running, not sure if everyone knows what they’re running for.

But they’re, anyway.

Running is the norm here. Nobody thinks before punching in, they just do. Because if they do think then how come everyone wants the same thing? How come everyone is running in the same race?

So anyway this is important. The idea of rejecting this norm appears downright outrageous and somewhat frightening.

So now the problem is I dont know what to run for.

Sure I want things in life, but I dont want to forget everything else in doing so. I dont want to turn a blind eye to the moment, in pursuit of future. Inshort Im not ready for the momentum. The system intimidates me.

Is the pause worth the time?

I don’t know.

But I do know that I want to slow down, just for a little while.

I want to lay in bed and watch out of a window.

I want to read and write, and observe the change in season.

I want to enjoy a good movie with family, and have fun with friends.

But I also have this fear looming over my head, the fear of being left out in the race of life.

Of looking at myself, ten years from now and being disappointed in my choices.

I don’t think the fear is ever going away. But I’m going to take the risk anyway.

I hope if I read this ten years from now, I’ve achieved atleast something in life. I hope I’m somebody I look up to, and that I still appreciate life, and I’m glad that I took this time out to observe and absorb the moment before everything changes for good.

4 thoughts on “Twenties crisis

  1. I was running so fast that I fell down and injured myself, in a sense. For quite a while I’ve been home and off the race route. Yes, there are certainly things to be gained by that, which I’ve appreciated. Yet part of me does almost wish to be part of the race again, but a slower paced race with a shorter distance goal.

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