Before this day ends

This post is dedicated to a dear friend who’s been both my biggest critic and an inspiration in life.


Another year down, eh?

How does it usually work for you?

Do you count your years ahead or the ones gone by?

Do you contemplate on the worth of your life, and the ones you bring significance to? Do you ever keep a record of the lives you touch, the healing you provide?

Do you count all those days when you’re there for others before yourself?

Do you care how carelessly you inspire, without trying to be something to someone, without wanting to gain anything in return, by just being you.

Do you know you’re are a healer? You are selfless and raw.

You have the capacity of an ocean, and the humility of mother earth.

Do you know your life matters, not just to you, but to the people you inspire. I, being one of them.

Happy Birthday! 🎉

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